Dave Gisler Trio
feat. Jaimie Branch
feat. David Murray

New CD Released in March 2022, Intakt Records:

"See you out there" featuring Jaimie Branch and David Murray

Dave Gisler, git CH
Jaimie Branch, tr US
David Murray, ts US
Raffaele Bossard, db CH
Lionel Friedli, dr CH

Three years after their celebrated debut album Rabbit on the Run the Dave Gisler trio presents a live album with guest Jaimie Branch on trumpet. 

Over the past few years Dave Gisler has earned himself an impressive reputation in the free-thinking force field of contemporary jazz as a maverick sound architect on the electric guitar. On the one hand the the Dave Gisler Trio loves the punch of a rock sensibility, but it cheerfully slips into quieter and calmer zones, where individual sounds and otherworldly textures remix the essences afresh. 

Anyone who has already seen Jaimie Branch live will know her unique way of tuning into the energy, the way she stands, takes up the instrument, and plays – natural and sovereign, incisive and melan­­choly, light and weighty. It's clear from the start that this musician's energy fires up the Dave Gisler trio. And in turn the trio's inspiration has an effect on the trumpeter which feeds back into the group. "The music on Zurich Concert strikes a chord, in a time shaken by emotions and extremes," writes Pirmin Bossart in the liner notes. "It's attitude unflinching, under the surface the pulse is tender and sensual."

> Current Shows

Cinema Sil Plaz, Ilanz (CH)

Manufaktur, Schorndorf (DE)

Schlosserei Nenniger, Zürich (CH)

Leipziger Jazztage 2022

picture by Palma Fiacco

Dave Gisler Trio feat. Jaimie Branch

Dave Gisler Trio feat. David Murray

Dave Gisler Trio at Schaffhause JF 2018

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